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The Process in 4 stages

Please read carefully the following steps;

For advise or assistance please call Ivel on 07932 686048 or email to





1 ) Placing an order

Decide on the desired size of your Final Watercolour. Look at the sizes available, others are by negotiation.

2 ) Capturing the Spirit of the School

For Ivel to create a painting which captures the true essence of the School capable of leaving a lasting impression, she requires photographs that capture all aspects of the School's life, people and environment, including children, teachers and parents. For example, photographs of the Campus including: School Buildings / School Minibus / Bike Shed, Playing / Sports Fields, Classes & Class Rooms, Art & Dance / Drama Workshops & Activities such as After School Clubs, Prize Giving, Assemblies, Stage Performances, School Trips, Events for Parents and perhaps even the School Fair.

Photographs to accompany a simple drawing showing the layout of the school with relevant cross referencing on the back of the photos, together with a list of additional comments should be packaged up carefully and forwarded to Ivel at the following email address,

If a school is within travelling distance, Ivel will visit your school and spend the whole day getting to know the environment, meeting staff and pupils and taken lots of photographs. Ivel will require a 20% deposit at this stage.

Acknowledgement of Order if Ivel works from materials submitted by the school

Ivel will acknowledge receipt of the photographic materials and issue you with a receipt once the first advance is received.

3) Generation of The Pencil Drawing

A full size pencil drawing of the School will be created and forwarded to the School, by Royal Mail, for close examination and minor amendments. Ivel will retain a duplicate of the drawing for safety and reference purposes.At this stage, Ivel will need details of summer and winter uniform and sports gear to match the colours perfectly. A further 30% payment is required.

Minor Amendments to Proof

Once you have received the full size Drawing, you have the opportunity to make minor changes to the work which should then be forwarded to Ivel by Royal Mail (guaranteed delivery). Ivel will then contact you to discuss. If your school is within travelling distance, Ivel will visit your school with the drawing for approval and then changes if any will be discussed accordingly.

4 ) Production of the  Original Watercolour

The approved Pencil Drawing becomes the base from which Ivel works and creates the final watercolour which is then scanned for use in Limited Editions Lithographs and further Merchandise.The school also receive a free A2 canvas on a stretcher to display and to fundraise from.

Limited Editions A2 & A3Prints & Merchandise (Merchandise Link with Prices )

Hand signed Limited Editions are available upon request, together with other printed merchandise. These can be produced alongside the Original and Despatched at the same time, or decided upon once the Original is in your possession. Please see our Merchandise Link for choice, details.

Shipping of the Watercolour & Final Payment

The Watercolour is carefully packaged for shipment and Ivel will confirm the Shipping Instructions and Date of Arrival.

On receipt of the Watercolour, Final Balance of 50% is required by Bank Transfer.

A framing service is also available upon request.


Lead-times for a watercolour painting are on an individual basis and subject to order but it can vary between 6 to 8 weeks from beginning to end.







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